Established in 2006 by founders with deep experience in trading agricultural products, Prosi Thang Long.,JSC has become a Vietnam leading manufacturer, exporter and distributor of agricultural products.

For about 15 years, we have built up a wide and strong network of loyal customers throughout the world such as Europe Union, The US, The UAE and Asian countries. We supply a wide range of products, namely pepper, cinnamon cassia, star anise, desiccated coconut and cashew nut.

Different from many other suppliers who are working as traders only, we own four large-scale factories with 2 hectares for each. Our factories are located in raw material areas so that we can purchase materials directly from farmers. Besides, we also save the cost of transportation thus we give competitive prices to customers.

More importantly, Prosi takes pride in bringing the highest levels of quality, food-safety, and consistency to the food service and industrial food manufacturing industries.  At Prosi, we understand food is a serious business where food safety and security are our first and foremost priorities. The spices we process meet the highest standards established by the industry.

Prosi’s mission is to fuel not only the growth of our company, but more importantly, the growth of your company.